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Staff Sergeant

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:29 am Reply with quote

These rules apply to all areas of AWOLGamers and shall be followed. If players have questions regarding any rules, it is their responsibility to seek clarification.

Flag Poles(plot poles) delete in 14 days, and every player made/placed item around it. Make sure you pay your protection.

ONLY 1 Territory per player and 2 per group.

Vehicels unlock in 14 days, if they are untouched.

1-0 Code of Conduct

    Players shall respect all AWOLGamers Staff. Players shall refrain from using offensive language toward any staff, be it directly or indirectly. Players shall cooperate with any and all AWOLGamers staff so long as their cooperation does not impeach the authority given by this SOP. When an admin invokes any level of enforcement, it is the responsibility of the violator to follow proper protocol to challenge the enforcement action taken. This rule applies to all areas of the AWOLGamers Community, ie. Servers, Teamspeak, Forums/Website.

    Players shall respect the community. Players shall avoid excessive inflammatory speech. ie. trolling, harassment, derogatory or otherwise demeaning conduct toward other players or services. AWOLGamers servers present a level of competition and it is a generally understood rule that players will on occasion get into heated interactions. It is requested that all players conduct themselves in a manner of professionalism.

    Players shall abide by rules put in place by AWOLGamers. Players shall abide by all server rules and regulations put in place by AWOLGamers. The only exception to this standard is if a Senior Admin makes the exception. Players are not exempt due to negligence of the rules. By participating on our servers, each player assumes responsibility that they have read and understood the rules put in place.

2-0 Game Mechanics

2.1 Exploiting/Glitching
    ◦ Duplicating Items, Players shall not duplicate items via glitch/exploit. Players are also expected to notify any staff or administration if a player is duplicating items.
    ◦ Glitching, Players shall not intentionally use any form of a glitch. ie. Glitching through walls, floors or other objects. Glitches are not limited to just these examples. The severity of this offense is subject to the manner in which a player uses the glitch. Determining whether a glitch is intentionally or unintentionally carried out is left to the discretion of the admin.
    ◦ Exploiting, Players shall not intentionally exploit faults and mechanics within the game for personal advantage. ie. selling duped items, receiving money from players who duplicated, towing vehicles through walls, abusing safe zones. Players are expected to play the game in the manner which it is intended to be played and are expected to maintain a level of integrity.

2.2 Safe Zones
    ◦ Safe Zone Regulations, Players are responsible to lock their own vehicles when in a safe zone. Players shall not sit and camp around locked vehicles and wait for the owner to come unlock them with the intention to steal or harass the player. Players shall not run over other players in the safe zone or ram vehicles into other player vehicles traders, sighs and such. Player shall not lift other peoples vehicles while players are inside of the vehicle.

2.3 Hacking
    ◦ Players shall not hack at any point or time. Players found hacking will be instantly banned with no expectation of being unbanned. Zero tolerance for this violation.

2.4 Lost or Stolen Items/Vehicles
    ◦ Lost items/vehicles, Admins are not responsible for lost items/vehicles that were lost by the player. Players are expected to logout of the server in a timely fashion before restart to avoid loss of items.
    ◦ Stolen items/vehicles, Admins are not responsible for stolen items/vehicles that are lost by the player. Items/vehicles that are lost by stolen via exploit/glitch, the admin at their discretion may but is not obligated to reimburse the victim.
    ◦ Lost items due to server related crash/bugs, Admins are not responsible for items/vehicles lost due to server crashes or bugs. However, as a courtesy, we will generally refer players to our forums should a massive crash or bug occur that causes server-wide loss of items. Reimbursing players for lost items as a result from a crash or bug is still at the discretion of the admin.
    ◦ Lost items due to non-server related crash/bugs, as we have no control over when this may/or may not happen we will not replace anything lost.

3-0 Stream Stalking/Social Media

3.1 Stream Stalking/Sniping
    ◦ Stream Stalking, Players shall not stalk streamers by making use of their stream. Therefore, players shall not watch any particular web stream with the intention of tracking the said streamer down. Relaying information to other with the intention to stalk the streamer is also considered a violation.
    ◦ Stream Sniping, Players shall not kill streamers by any means other than a natural manner. ie. Watching a live stream and tracking the streamer with the intention to kill them. Relaying information to others with the intention to stream snipe is also considered a violation.

3.2 Harassment
    ◦ Harassing Streamers In-Game/Social Media, Players shall not harass streamers or other active media entities that are actively playing in the server. Harassment can be but is not limited to; acting in a fashion that would otherwise negatively impact the AWOLGamers community and/or the streamers community.

3.3 Advertisement
    ◦ Advertising other servers, Players shall not advertise for any servers other than AWOLGamers while playing on AWOLGamers servers and/or while on AWOLGamers forums/teamspeak.

3.4 TeamSpeak (TS)
    ◦ TS Stalking. Players shall not use TS(in the same TS channel) for the purpose of locating and or the destination of other players to engage in PvP. Do not engage in PvP with someone in the same TS channel! Switching TS channels to defuse the conflict will not be honored, PvP is still live.

    Exile is a 'made for PVP' mod, thus it is difficult for us to attach any rules & regulations because that will go against what the mod framework is for, however we always encourage some form of roleplay (on HC and RP) and even more like the idea of PvPvE. We therefore urge gamers to keep it interesting and a enjoyable gaming experience for all.


Do not argue with admin in server chat. For any issues come into TeamSpeak and ask to speak to the admin.

    ◦ Obey the standards or procedures
    ◦ Try some roleplay (doesn't have to be dungeon & dragon style), especially on HC or RP
    ◦ Assist people with in game questions
    ◦ Make friends with randoms & group up
    ◦ Log out 10 minutes before every restart to make sure that your items are saved to a certain degree. No help will be provided to players for late/no logging out.

Do not:
    ◦ Be an intentional troll/dumbass/asshole.
    ◦ Argue in side channel chat
    ◦ Argue with players or admins in general
    ◦ Verbally abuse other players
    ◦ Use racial or obscene slurs at other players
    ◦ Show or act out any negative gameplay or gestures
    ◦ Whine or complain in chat

Bambi & profile Rules:
    1. No means of any stats boosting allowed. (Killing your friends and vice versa to boost respect)

Base Rules:
    1. Only one (1) Territory per player. Groups may posses two (2).
    2. No glitching through any type of floor (incl; prefabricated bases, in game buildings & player build buildings) for the intend of killing a human player
    3. No glitching through any type of floor (incl; prefabricated bases, in game buildings & player build buildings) for the intend of looting items inside
    4. Building within 500m of a Military Base, Vendor Trader or Spawn points is prohibited. All bases inside of 500m may be deleted without refund.
    5. Bases used to camp safe/spawn zones will be deleted without refund.
    6. Base upkeep is on a 14-day rotation bases. Bases not paid in this time frame will be automatically purged.
    7. Pay your upkeep at least 24-48 hours before the indicated time. The time shown on your XM8 is NOT your local time but real world/server time. Your base will also not get deleted at the specific time indicated on the XM8 but in the time frame of that restart cycle. You have been warned - no compensation for any bases lost due to upkeep.
    8. No unrealistic bases / air bases without solid foundations.
    9. DO NOT attack vehicles on top of or inside of bases. If caught doing so you will be removed from the server. Vehicles outside of walls or on the ground around a base are fair game. (Replacement of destroyed protected vehicles are at Admin discretion. Admin must witness the event)

Safe Zones Vehicles
    1. You enter the safe zone at own risk.
    2. The owner of the vehicle is the one who drove it in.
    3. No stealing of vehicles or inventory inside of safe zones. This excludes vehicles unlocked by scheduled restarts.
    4. No airlifting other player cars from safe zones.
    5. Vehicles left in a safezone will be unlocked upon server restart.
    6. No Parking vehicles on the runway or in the airport area. Vehicles obstructing the runway will be deleted if spotted by an admin without refund.

Safe Zones Players
    1. You enter the safe zone at own risk.
    2. No players allowed to use safe zones to exploit a "god mode" to attack players with. ie: operating UAV's.
    3. No player is allowed to use the safe zone to get away from a combat situation.
    4. No safe zone camping allowed.
    5. No looting from dead bodies in safe zones unless it is deserted.
    6. No loitering. This is a protected location for you to condut your business. When done, GTFO. Otherwise, we will make traders spewed all over the map.

When making a complain or issue regarding a player you will:
    1. Record a valid screenshot and/or video depicting the incident
    2. Post in on the forums under "ban and unban requests"
    3. No teamspeak queries regarding this matter will be handled/answered without (1) and (2) not being successfully fulfilled.

    1. Warning (minor offence) / Kick (minor offence)
    2. 24 Hour Ban (next warning can be a permanent ban)
    3. 7 day ban
    4. Permanent Ban

Server Restarts:
    1. Players should logout of the server 10 minutes prior to server restart
    2. No compensation for anyone logging out 0->9.59 minutes before restart

Admin may at any time set a temporary rule if actions are deemed necessary to maintain server population.
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