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Second Lieutenant

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:02 am Reply with quote
AWOL Main Rules and Regulations:

1. No hacking or cheating.
2. No racism or discrimination of any kind.
3. No sexual harassment of any kind.
4. Respect others.
5. Have fun! Smile

Other rules and regulations, with varying ideas involved:

Don’t have your own server (gaming or otherwise) without express permission of Ex-Assault or Waldo in Ex’s absence. If you’re new to AWOL and have a server and have not discussed it with a Senior Admin, please bring it to a Senior Admin (‘SA’ for short) straight away.

This is not to discourage having other servers, but to ensure all AWOL servers are of a uniform quality. This ensures all servers are administered properly and conform to the AWOL experience. In addition, this ensures that if the founder of the server leaves, AWOL will not lose all access to the server.

In general, dual-clanning is not allowed. If you have any questions, please contact a senior admin.

Do not have an inappropriate name or avatar in Teamspeak (‘TS’ for short). If you have any questions, refer them to a Senior Admin.

Once again, this is not to discourage self-expression. This is to keep the TS a friendly place for all, keeping in mind that we do have minors on TS every day.

Do not go ‘channel-hopping.’ This is the practice of moving from channel to channel very quickly. It is annoying to the people in the channels and also clogs up our logs of what occurs on the TS.

If you move into a ‘Do not Disturb’ channel or any channel wait 10-15 seconds before speaking to keep from interrupting anyone already speaking. You may be interrupting a competitive match or break necessary concentration to maintain their normal level of play.

If you are asked to leave a channel because you are not playing the game the channel is in place for, please understand and take your conversation elsewhere.

This is nothing personal, but is in fact a way to make sure those in the channel gaming on their server are not distracted without their consent. If you are on the other foot and are talked to during a match, please use the utmost courtesy.

If you see a ‘new user’ in a channel with another admin, do not pull them to your channel without asking the admin first.

Do not use the main channel in TS unless delivering a message to the entire clan. If used in error, no worries, apologize and move on. Do not carry out conversations in the main TS channel.

If someone makes a mistake, please do not berate them. Accept the mistake and apology and move on.

The gaming rooms are in TS for two reasons:

1. To have a group of people playing a game not already listed in the TS. If this is the case, please make sure that you have the name of the game you are playing next to your name in TS. (To do this, right-click your name, click ‘Change Nickname,’ and type your name, then the name of the game you are playing.) The more people we see playing a game, the more likely we are to create a channel of that game for people to play in.

2. To have a group of people playing multiple games or not gaming but still wanting to socialize together. If no one in the channel is angling to have a server, the game after the name is not necessary, but is still requested so people know that that game is being played.

3. The gaming rooms are NOT to sequester yourself from the rest of TS. If this is your intent, there are rooms in the lounge area where you can go to be by yourself while watching videos or other such activities, while still being available if the need arises.

Every day, if possible, please Vote for AWOL. This is done by selecting any of the ‘Office’ channels in TS and clicking on the big flashing “VOTE” images. Complete the captcha, then click ‘Vote.’ It’s that easy.

To Donate to AWOL, click the “Donation” image on the homepage and follow the instructions there. The minimum is $5, and we encourage donations of any size. Also make sure that you
put your username in the “Optional note to recipient: “ block.

As a member of AWOL, we ask that you respond to Roll Call every month. To do so, find the thread in the Member’s Section on the forums entitled “ROLL CALL (then the date)” Hit, “Reply,” then type some inane message saying you’re still around. This is our main way of telling whether or not you’re still around.

Inversely, if you are going to be away for a period of longer than two or three weeks, please post in the ‘Leave of Absence’ section of the forums. This lets us know you still want to be around, and we will not kick you from the clan due to inactivity. (For more on this, check the most recent chopping block thread in the Members section of the forum)

Meetings are currently held at 9:00 EST, or 6:00 PST on Wednesdays. While we encourage attendance at these meetings, they are not mandatory. These meetings are for AWOL members only. During these meetings, we ask a few rules be followed:
What we discuss in the meetings stays in the meetings and is not to be discussed with non-AWOL members present.
Do not talk over anyone else. This is a tie back to the “Respect others” rule.
Do not type in chat, unless asked.
When it is your turn to speak, keep it fairly short and simple. Smile
At the end of the meeting the floor is usually opened for nominations. For complete discussion about this, please look at the thread in the Applications section, “AWOL Application Process!”

Gaming server rules of engagement for all AWOL members

The following rules are to be followed by all members of AWOL while gaming, no matter what server they are on.
1. Follow all server or game-specific rules..
2. If on an AWOL-owned server: the senior ranking Admin in-game and in the TS channel will be responsible for applying the server rules. If another Admin of higher rank joins in the game and is in the TS channel then they will take over the responsibility, unless the server lead is present or the responsibility has been delegated to someone specific.
3. When typing in chat make sure and keep it clean and respectful. Do not use all caps and make sure to use please and thank you. On that same note you are required to notify any and all players that need to be moved for team balance.
4. AWOL tags will be worn by all members while playing on any server (if possible). If an AWOL member is noticed in-game without tags, they may be asked by the senior ranking Admin to leave the game at the end of a round to put the tags on. If they refuse or ignore the request, then the senior ranking Admin will notify an AWOL Senior Admin before any action will be taken.

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