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Staff Sergeant

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:39 am Reply with quote
Welcome Admin! You have been selected to uphold the law, keep the people in check, and generally provide an entertaining environment for the players of our community! This guide is going to give you the in's and out's of what to do in certain situations and allow you to quickly make decisions based on the case at hand.



SECTION I: Thank You

SECTION II: What is this?

SECTION III: Why a Handbook?


SECTION I: General DO's and DON'T's


SECTION III: Rule Enforcement

SECTION IV: Kicking/Banning Players

SECTION V: Scenarios


SECTION I: Head Admin

SECTION II: Subordinate Admin

SECTION III: Moderators


=====CHAPTER 1=====

SECTION I: Thank You!

Taking on the role of Admin is not as glorious as one might think. It is up to the Admins to handle all situations, no matter how minute or grand. Always on call to be willing to help and assist. We do this for the enthusiasm of the game. We do this for the camaraderie we all share. This is an arduous task so be prepared!

SECTION II: What Is This?

This guide is a crash course on being an Admin. It will help clear up any questions you may have. Even if this doesn't answer everything, fret not! Ask other Admins when you have a matter in question.

SECTION III: Why a Handbook?

With so many types of personalities, many people will deal with one scenario in different ways. This handbook will streamline the way Admin’s handle many situations correspondingly.

=====CHAPTER 2=====

SECTION I: General DO's and DON'T's

--Admins are ALLOWED to have fun, but CAN NOT use admin powers during game play.

--Admins need to stay neutral to ALL PLAYERS and treat them the same.

--Admins shall not give out locations i.e.; dead bodies, other players etc.

--Admins shall only spawn items in for the purpose of replacing lost item due to glitches/hackers and events.

--Breaking any of these rules can and will have your powers revoked. A key role of the Admin is to promote our server for all to enjoy.

--ALWAYS use PLEASE and THANK YOU. By using these simple formalities you prevent a situation from escalating to further levels.


When a player calls for an Admin, it can mean a number of things. Sometimes it is trivial or they are trying to prove someone wrong on a dispute. Other times, though, it can be a serous matter which requires direct intervention by an Admin. Whether minor or major, it is your job to help players and maintain balance.

As Admin’s, we are held to a high standard while in-game. With that said, we need to make sure we ALL:

--Be discreet.

--Do not talk about your powers in TS.

--When assisting a player, use direct chat to communicate. This creates a log we can look back on if needed.

--Follow these steps on how to handle situations.

--STEP 1: After being called upon spectate the player in question.

--STEP 2: Make contact via Side Chat and if can resolve from there you're done. If not, however, proceed to STEP 3.

--STEP 3: If you cannot solve an issue after engaging player in Side Chat, teleport over to the player whilst being Invisible as to not startle anything

--STEP 4: If the player is in a relatively safe area, conduct your business and resolve the issues at hand.
*At all times, if possible, do not allow non-admins see you using your powers in front of them. Only the player in question should see you should the situation require.

--Respond in side chat or in DART.
I.E.: Hi (username), how may I assist/help you.

By responding in this fashion it not only shows your attention to the player in question, but also allows you to let other Admins know you have this one so chat doesn't overlap.

--Assist the call
Use your context clues! If it sounds like just a question that can be easily answered through Side Chat, then do so. But if it is more of a suggestion,

--Spectate the player. If it goes further and needs direct engagement with the player TP, or TelePort, over to them

--Before you TP, spectate and assess if you will be interfering with game play, TP when appropriate.

--God mode, invisible, having an empty backpack is always a good idea.
Remember to use direct chat so we have a log of the issue.

SECTION III: Rule Enforcement

When enforcing the rules of the game, we will rely on the Admins and their discretion, but still be on the same page. We should follow the following steps in enforcing the rules.

--Contact the player with ‘Direct Chat’/Dart/etc. If there is no response, do a quick ‘kick’ to get there attention.

--Let them know what rule they are breaking and what penalty is being enforced upon them. (Even if they didn't know, it is THEIR responsibility to know the rules. They have access to them at all times)

A 3-Strike Rule shall be implemented. This rule shall be concurrent with all scenarios.

A detailed warning on the infraction and its effects to the server. Along with the 2nd and 3rd offence punishments.

A reminder of the infraction followed with a 1 - 24 hour ban, Admin's discretion.

--STRIKE III-- YOU'RE OUTTA HERE. Permanent Ban. (Player will have to resort to the Banland to request an unban request)

SECTION IV: Kicking/Banning Players

When a player continuously is breaking the rules or just doesn't react to a cease and desist, it is up to the Admins to ban said player. Banning refers to permanently kicking a player and their Steam ID from the server to disallow them from rejoining our server. Banning should be done swiftly and in accordance with the rules listed here:

SECTION V: Scenarios

"What to do when..."

--If a player loses his pass-code to their vehicle/door/safe; Ask player in question to verify contents of the object and if they cannot accurately give info deny them access until they can provide it. People will try to always to underhand you so be weary.

--If you catch a player duping (A conscious choice to abuse in-game items in a way where they are duplicated) it is an automatic "kick" and deletion of the objects in question. Explain to them why they were kicked and warn them a second infraction will be a Ban.

--Side Chat should always be in English, It just streamlines everything and makes sorting out issues easier. If the person in question cannot speak or type in English, tell them politely and find a way to workaround it (Find someone who can speak the language, use google)

--No Griefing (a conscious choice to damage and destroy player created content) of player vehicles and bases. This rule is more of a general statement to let you know that if you see it, you tell the player in question to stop it.

--If a player reports a bug, remind them to head over to to log it under the Bugs/Glitches section of Arma 3. This way it helps us keep track of the bug and possibly be able to repair it.

=====CHAPTER 3=====

SECTION I: Head Admins

Head Admins are the top cheese. They have access to all things Arma and access to all important functions. These Admins are JackalopeHunter ChewpaThingy, and Yeti.

*JackalopeHunter is our in-house Developer. He works and adds the mods you love and enjoy.
*Vitus has access to the Box (ooooooo scary) and is our Chief Admin without being an Admin. He can answer anything you have to ask.

SECTION II: Subordinate Admins

Subordinate Admins are Admins with limited control over the game. They can help players with most issues that are in-game related but nothing that must be accessed outside of the game (I.E. A player ID being stuck in the ground). That must be dealt with a Head Admin who must delete the character from the game). These Admins include , MajMack11, chrisking345, .

SECTION III: Moderators

Moderators are not Admins. They are there to collect information and keep the community in check,

CONGRATULATIONS ADMIN!!!!!!!! You have graduated this crash course into the wild wild world of being a disciplinary force in the Arma game world!
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